35th Anniversary of the Harris Matrix

Thursday, den 25. September 2008

Größere Kartenansicht   17.-19. September 2009   In honour of the invention of the Harris Matrix 35 years ago the Austrian Academy of Science, the VIAS-Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science, the University of Vienna and the Bermuda Maritime Museum organised an unforgetable conference in Vienna from the 17th to 20th September 2008. Most unusual but […]

3D Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology

Wednesday, den 24. September 2008

Größere Kartenansicht   September 2008   I would like to start the category of ‘3D GIS in Archaeology’ with my currently made experience at the most modern excavation I have ever seen. The site is called Schwarzenbach. There is also a link in the Harris Matrix article. Most outstanding here is that my Austrian colleagues […]