3D Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology

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September 2008


I would like to start the category of ‘3D GIS in Archaeology’ with my currently made experience at the most modern excavation I have ever seen. The site is called Schwarzenbach. There is also a link in the Harris Matrix article.

Most outstanding here is that my Austrian colleagues not only use a 3D Laser Scanner they have also developed a very sophisticated documentation system. The 3D Laser Scanner is used for documenting stratigraphical layers. The advanced technology allows an efficiant data acquisition, storage and verification already during excavation.

Of course, the documentation of stratigraphical layers requires the stratigraphical excavation method and the creation of the Harris Matrix.

The entire excavation routine of the VIAS-institute is exemplary. I hope I can convince my Austrian colleagues once to come to Berlin for participating a workshop about ‘3D data acquisition with new technology at archaeological excavation sites’.

  • Harris Matrix Conference 2008

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