kubit Workshop 3D Laserscanning & Analysis

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28 March 2011


The second workshop was focused on the analysis of 3D pointclouds via kubit software.

However, before one can analyse data one has to acquire them. So firstly we got a demonstration of the latest model of FARO Fokus 3D a very economical, light and easy to handle device =


Part 1: Scanning by using most modern technology.


Due to an elaborated interface between the scan software and AutoCAD the data can be processed nearly in time by a simultaneous registration and digitalization.

After processing the data, which is always an individual process concerning the used hardware and software, the workshop headed towards the topic I was mainly interested in – the analysis workflow with kubit software.


Part 2: From a rough scan to a ready result


The analyzing process was performed with AutoCAD 2011 and the latest PointCloud version by kubit. AutoCAD can load 2 bil. points in a ptg-format. kubit is still using the ptc-format which is much more flexible in use. Several examples were performed:


Task 1: digitizing an octagonal roof

–          “Mulitschichten erzeugen”: it cuts throughout a PointCloud volume object -> it results in several layers which can be digitized separately

–           Via “Modellieren” one can use all layers to generate a surface = a substitute for mashing


Task 2: generation of a ground plan/map

–          Generate a ground map including measurement via digitizing of a certain layer cut out of the pointcloud


Task 3: introduction to PlanarView – free kubit software for kubit customers

–          Transformation from 3d pointcloud 2d vector data including live connection to AutoCAD


Finally, we could aim our questions and wishes direct to the software developers.

For download material and further information please contact kubit.

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