kubit Workshop 3D-Laserscanning

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31 January 2011


The topic of laser scanning with the generation and analysis of 3D point clouds is nowadays more relevant than ever. After initial euphoria and disillusion this technique became meanwhile a true alternative to traditional non-contact measuring techniques.


In the recent past, many things have changed:

• a user-friendly 3-D analysis software is available

• a large price drop in the hardware segment is observed

• the scanner hardware has become much smaller and more manageable


The informative kubit workshop was not only focusing on users like architects, enineers or criminologists but also on scientists who try to document anthropological remains in a precise and efficent way.

All participants got an insight into all last developments mentioned above. However, because of the fully packed program of just one afternoon many questions remained unanswered. As a consequence, kubit runs a series of serval workshops in the near future focusing on user-specified topics (for Berlin see the Event Calendar – right column of this site).

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