Welcome to the site!

Dear visitors of my blog,

I wish you a warm welcome at my site. I hope you will find some interesting topics concerning mainly Digital Archaeology. Since a blog has the intention of being a discussion platform you are invited to give comments and hints to my blog entries.

I would like to start with the first concerning – how to handle this site:

In the right column, you can follow my currently visited places. By clicking on the address below you are guided to my past whereabouts. Underneath, I will post some photographs from time to time.

In the left column are the blog texts in chronological order. You can find them also in categorical order in the navigation menu on the right. In the case there are some photo albums one can find them underneath the texts. You are invited to place a link for your albums in your comments, too.

I hope you will enjoy visiting this site and digging up great treasures!

Cheers! Undine

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