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Blog – intermission

Tuesday, den 25. June 2013

The blogs pauses because all recent events are now announced at the FORUM website of the Excellence Cluster TOPOI.

TOPOI Summerschool 2011 – Excavation “Ostia Antica”

Monday, den 11. July 2011

TOPOI Summerschool 2011 – Ostia Antica auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen 27. August – 25. September 2011   Training Excavation SS2011 as part of the „TOPOI-Summerschool 2011“,   a sub-project of the „BKO Excavations (Berlin-Kent-Ostia)” in the Forum of Ostia Antica under the direction of PD Dr. Axel Gering (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) under the auspices […]

Petra 2011

Sunday, den 27. March 2011

View Petra in a larger map   March 2011   The kind invitation of the International Umm Al-Biyara Project (IUBP), a project directed by Stephan G. Schmid (Humbold-University of Berlin) and Piotr Bienkowski (Manchester), in collaboration between the Association for the Understanding of Ancient Cultures (AUAC) and the Department of Antiquities of Jordan led to […]

3D Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology

Wednesday, den 24. September 2008

Größere Kartenansicht   September 2008   I would like to start the category of ‘3D GIS in Archaeology’ with my currently made experience at the most modern excavation I have ever seen. The site is called Schwarzenbach. There is also a link in the Harris Matrix article. Most outstanding here is that my Austrian colleagues […]