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Blog – intermission

Tuesday, den 25. June 2013

The blogs pauses because all recent events are now announced at the FORUM website of the Excellence Cluster TOPOI.

CAA 2011 – Revive the Past

Saturday, den 9. April 2011

CAA 2011 – Conference Venue auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen   12. – 16. April 2011           TEXT CAA TEXT BEIJING TEXT WALL TEXT OUTBACK      

3D GeoInfo 2010

Friday, den 12. November 2010

Größere Kartenansicht   3./4. November 2010   The annual and international conference 3D GeoInfo with changing venue offers an insight into the latest developments in the field of 3D geo-information for the subjects of urban development, cartography, technology and industry. This year the focus lied on remote sensing, photogrammetry, 3D laser and visualisation techniques. The […]


Tuesday, den 12. October 2010

INTERGO auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen   5.-7. October 2010   The annual national congress with an attached trade fair INTERGEO provides an insight into the latest developments in the subject of surveying technology concerning hardware and software. The congress discussed the theoretical background to the exhibition products, such as the latest approaches to global […]

EAA 2010 – European Association of Archaeologists

Tuesday, den 7. September 2010

Größere Kartenansicht   1.-5. September 2010   The annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) deals with a special profile of European Archaeology and Anthropology. It supports the development of archaeological research as well as the exchange of archaeological information. At the same time the conference opens up the possibility of international exchanges […]

CAA 2010 – Fusion of Cultures

Wednesday, den 14. April 2010

    Location: Größere Kartenansicht   6.-9. April 2010   The annual conference about “Computer Application in Archaeology” was held this year in Granada/Spain, a wonderful place where one can still go skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and simultainiously swimming at the Southern Coast of  Spain in April. But this was not the […]

International Workshop: “Interconneted data worlds. Workshop on the implementation of CIDOC-CRM“

Saturday, den 28. November 2009

Location: Größere Kartenansicht Report from the 23th and 24th November 2009: coming soon

14. International Congress “Cultural Heritage and New Technologies” (Workshop “Archäologie & Computer”) 2009

Saturday, den 28. November 2009

Location: Größere Kartenansicht   16.-18. November 2009   The annual held conference at Vienna deals at one hand with the Cultural Heritage conservation and preservation in connection with marketing in terms of tourism and the trade of antiquities and the protection of religious culture – see the detailed schedule of Monday and Tuesday. On the […]

Deutscher Geographentag 2009

Monday, den 21. September 2009

Location: Größere Kartenansicht   19.-26. September 2009   The “Deutscher Geographentag 2009”  is the largest geographical Geographers conference in the German-speaking communities. It takes place every two years in another university town. The event is aimed in its first time in 2007 as a general congress of the geographical associations designed form part of the […]

35th Anniversary of the Harris Matrix

Thursday, den 25. September 2008

Größere Kartenansicht   17.-19. September 2009   In honour of the invention of the Harris Matrix 35 years ago the Austrian Academy of Science, the VIAS-Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science, the University of Vienna and the Bermuda Maritime Museum organised an unforgetable conference in Vienna from the 17th to 20th September 2008. Most unusual but […]