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Blog – intermission

Tuesday, den 25. June 2013

The blogs pauses because all recent events are now announced at the FORUM website of the Excellence Cluster TOPOI.

An Event at the “Dosse”

Wednesday, den 22. May 2013

May 2013   With the prolonging of the Excellence Cluster Topoi project we got the opportunity to establish a new platform for Topoi members who are working with quantitative methods. The so called FORUM for Spatial Data Analysis offers a bunch of support e.g. – organising conferences (like the AG CAA 2013), – providing software, […]

TOPOI Summerschool 2011 – Excavation “Ostia Antica”

Monday, den 11. July 2011

TOPOI Summerschool 2011 – Ostia Antica auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen 27. August – 25. September 2011   Training Excavation SS2011 as part of the „TOPOI-Summerschool 2011“,   a sub-project of the „BKO Excavations (Berlin-Kent-Ostia)” in the Forum of Ostia Antica under the direction of PD Dr. Axel Gering (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) under the auspices […]

kubit Workshop 3D Laserscanning & Analysis

Monday, den 28. March 2011

View Larger Map   28 March 2011   The second workshop was focused on the analysis of 3D pointclouds via kubit software. However, before one can analyse data one has to acquire them. So firstly we got a demonstration of the latest model of FARO Fokus 3D a very economical, light and easy to handle […]

kubit Workshop 3D-Laserscanning

Wednesday, den 12. January 2011

Größere Kartenansicht   31 January 2011   The topic of laser scanning with the generation and analysis of 3D point clouds is nowadays more relevant than ever. After initial euphoria and disillusion this technique became meanwhile a true alternative to traditional non-contact measuring techniques.   In the recent past, many things have changed: • a […]